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With oils, Ouray paints the landscape and the people of Taos. He bathes these subjects in that particular quality of light which is so characteristic of Taos. And into his paintings, he pours his belief in the ineffable spirit which resides in this special place.

“Taos is much deeper, fuller and richer than what I or anyone else can see with the naked eye,” he says. “I’m always trying in my work to express these deeper aspects of Taos. I do it in the hope that others will feel Taos the way I do.”

Ouray Meyers was born and raised in Taos. He has the same regard for Taos that his legendary father, Ralph Meyers, had for Taos. An Indian trader, artist and writer, Ralph Meyers was one of the central figures in Taos during those halcyon days before the valley was discovered by the rest of the world. He was a close and trusted friend of the Taos Pueblo Indians, and his Indian friends gave his son, Ouray, their own name- Toshanie, or Dawn Boy

Ouray Meyers is principally a self-taught painter. His use of color is intuitive. His style is individualistic and unmistakable. Yet he has certainly been influenced by the early Taos painters, perhaps by Walter Ufer in particular. From Ufer, Ouray learned to recreate the beautiful and powerful sky and light qualities of Taos. Ouray’s innovative and contemporary style of painting touches the emotions of the viewer. The ethereal quality of his work tends to make people feel good.

Many of the other Taos masters were close friends of the Meyers’ family. Joseph Sharp, Buck Denton, Leon Gaspard, Nicolai Fechin, Dorothy Brett, and Georgia O’Keeffe were frequent visitors. As a boy, Ouray watched and listened to them. From their example, he learned about both fine art technique and fine art spirit.

Ouray’s paintings are aspects of Taos which will never change, such as the mountain and the Rio Grande gorge. In yet another style, Ouray paints works of symbolic, yet direct expressionism. Works which evoke the spirit of gentle strength he believes to be essential in Taos.

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