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“All that exists is a venue for art. I see it, I feel it — I just begin to draw it and good things happen. I work without the rational mind and paint from the zen of ‘no mind’.”

“There is nothing that you can’t draw if you just try.”

I set out to prove this philosophy each time I approach a blank canvas or an inky black plate, prepared for a monoprint. It is an attitude invigorated by confidence and tempered by a clear understanding of the world of light and shadow. I waste little time in considering what I have chosen to create. Instead I observe and then vigorously interpret. The process of painting is to go with the development as it happens. Notice the changes and respond to these. Paintings become fresh for the artist and the viewer.

My strength lies in the absence of timidity in my stroke and my reverence for materials. I prefer to drop vulnerabilities and reservations for aggressive movement and spontaneity, arresting the most out of what the process and the materials have to offer.

Pat Woodall.jpg 5 years ago
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